4 Great Ways to Save Money on Vacation

July 17, 2019

Summer is in full-swing, and with it comes vacation season. If you’re looking to take a trip or two this summer, this list of 4 great ways to save money on vacation will have you putting cash back in your pocket so that you can really enjoy your time away this year.

1. Compare Prices: Driving Over Flying

Depending on where you’re vacationing to and how many are going with you, driving may actually be cheaper than flying. For instance, if you’re taking a family vacation for five, that can add up rather quickly. A great way to save money on vacation is to drive instead. But if you do fly, make sure to compare rates with different travel sites, and do it incognito.

2. Opt Out of Hotels

The cost of hotel stays while on vacation can put a big dent in your traveling budget, but there are cheaper options, if not always conventional. Camping at state parks can provide an inexpensive way to stay overnight. If you’re not a tent person and you can swing it, investing in an RV camper will pay off for years to come. You can choose from pop-ups, tow-behinds (travel trailers), fifth wheels and more. By purchasing a camper now, you can save money on vacation for both hotel costs as well as food as you’ll be able to prepare and cook meals just the same as if you were at home.

3. Save Eating Out for Special Treats – Pack Food Instead

Whether you’re traveling by RV, car or plane, the cost of food is oftentimes one of the largest when on vacation. Save money by packing food instead. If you fly, you can stop at a local grocery store once you arrive at your destination to pick up grocery supplies. If you drive, pack a cooler. You can always stop at neighborhood parks and picnic with sandwiches and snacks for lunch. Book hotels with free breakfast included. And save your eating out costs for dinners only. By planning ahead and bringing food along with you, you will save a great deal of money while on vacation, leaving more in your wallet for fun and enjoyment.

4. Use a Prepaid Debit Card Rather Than a Credit Card

It can be so easy to overspend while on vacation if you’re doing everything with a credit card. All that creates is regret and stress once you arrive back home and the bills start coming in. Rather than pay with a credit card on vacation this year, save money by using a prepaid debit card instead. With a prepaid debit card, you’ll be able to stay on budget, easily keep track of your spending, and know that you won’t feel the burden of overspending when your vacation is over.

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