Vehicle License & Title

Secure your vehicle license and title at any one of our South Suburban Currency Exchange locations. As an Authorized Third-Party Agent for the Illinois Secretary of State, we can help you with all of your licensing and title needs while also providing fast and efficient service.

Illinois Requirements For Your Vehicle License, Title, And Registration

Illinois drivers need to have an Illinois Certificate of Title to show proof that they own their vehicle. To legally operate your vehicle, you will need to register it (vehicle registration) by providing the state of Illinois with a record of that vehicle. You will use your title to obtain that registration. You will also receive your license plates (vehicle license) when you register your vehicle.

But new drivers aren’t the only ones who have license and title needs. We’re qualified to provide all types of titles: duplicate titles, corrected titles, ownership transfers, heirship transfers – just give your nearest South Suburban Currency Exchange location a call if you want to be sure we can handle your title transaction. But the odds are, we can! Bring in your vehicle title, registration, and any other important information such as a retail loan installment contract or bill of sale.

We can also obtain any specialty license plate available in Illinois, whether it be Chicago Cubs, White Sox, Blackhawks, Bears, Firefighters Memorial, Prevent Violence, Antique, Vanity, Personalized, etc.

Illinois Plates & Titles For All Types* Of Vehicles

* with the exception of apportionment plates for semi-trucks


And more, including low-speed vehicles!

Instantly Available License Plates for Fast and Easy Vehicle Transactions

Whether you are registering your current vehicle as a new Illinois resident, securing your Illinois license plate and title for the first time, or transferring ownership, we provide all passenger and truck “B” plates instantly with titles arriving within 12 business days. Unfortunately we cannot offer expedited titles during this time due to Covid-19.

buying a vehicle

Buying a Vehicle

We’ll check the National Motor Vehicle Title Information System (NMVTIS) for the most recent and accurately signed off title and that there are no existing or hidden liens.

selling a vehicle

Selling a Vehicle

We can check the NMVTIS for the most recent title and a posted sold notice. Feel confident that you’re taking care of every last detail for a thorough and finalized sale of your vehicle.

New to Illinois

New to Illinois

If you’re a new Illinois resident, you’ll have 30 days to apply for an Illinois title, registration, and plates. We help with all of this so your vehicle will be legally registered in Illinois.

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