Have a question? Here are a few frequently asked questions by our customers.

What is Check Cashing?

Check cashing services at South Suburban Currency Exchange provides an alternative way to cash your check hassle free. We cash all check types from business and insurance to tax refunds and more! Just bring your checks and an appropriate state ID, and we will give you your cash on the spot or you could load your funds onto a prepaid card.

What Do I Need to Cash a Check?

South Suburban Currency Exchange requires you to bring the check/s and an acceptable photo identification such as a driver’s license, state ID, or passport.

What Is a Money Order?

South Suburban Currency Exchanges provide you with the safest and easiest way to send cash. Our money orders are valid for up to a five year period. The funds are a guaranteed form of payment and under most circumstances, if a Currency Exchange money order is lost or stolen it can be replaced.

What Is a Prepaid Debit Card?

Prepaid debit cards are a safe alternative to a bank debit card, which is linked to your bank accounts. Simply, load your prepaid debit card with any amount you need in advance and you can then use your debit card to make purchases. When you utilize our Green Dot prepaid debit card, it not only helps protect you against identity theft, but also builds credit at the same time.

How Is a South Suburban Currency Exchange Different from a Bank?

Suburban Currency Exchange provides quick, hassle free service compared to your nearest bank while providing you with the lowest service fee rates. Don’t spend hours waiting for your bank to clear a check. Have your local South Suburban Currency Exchange provide the same service within minutes.