Advantages of Check Cashing Services over Traditional Banks

July 24, 2018

Traditional banking serves its purpose for some, and prevailing wisdom holds that customers would be better served by using a bank. But for many, check cashing services offered at currency exchanges and money centers are great, convenient options. They are frequently cheaper and often meet customer needs better than banks.

Many people actually save money by visiting a check cashing location rather than going to a bank. Often times there are no overdraft fees, no startup fees for checking accounts, no monthly fees, no hassles. Customers can enjoy receiving their cash instantly, without many of the fees associated with banks.

Discover the Difference at South Suburban Currency Exchanges

At South Suburban Currency Exchanges, you can enjoy certain benefits that many banks just can’t provide. We know how valuable your time is, and we’re committed to serving your specific needs to help you get your money quickly, right when you need it. Highlighted below are just some of the advantages you’ll find when doing business with us.

No Dollar Limits

Other check cashing companies may turn away checks of certain types or sizes, but at South Suburban Currency Exchanges, we are fully committed to cashing every good check that is handed to us. No holds, no limits, no worries. Simply bring your check in, large or small, and we’ll take care of you.

Instant Availability of Funds

Dealing with a traditional bank can be frustrating when you need the money from a check right away. Usually, these financial institutions hold the money for several days before releasing it, and having to wait this long can put you in a financial bind. At South Suburban Currency Exchanges, we make sure you immediately get the money you need to pay bills or other expenses. You can enjoy a hassle-free experience by knowing that we are committed to providing you instant availability of your funds.

Cash Conveniently Loaded on a Debit Card

At any of our South Suburban Currency Exchanges locations, we can instantly load some or all of your funds from a cashed check onto a debit card. This is a great way to have all the advantages of a credit card without having to worry about credit checks, interest rates, or hefty bills at the end of the month. Plus, unlike some other prepaid debit cards, ours are activated on the spot and ready to use right away.

Choose South Suburban Currency Exchanges for Your Check Cashing Needs

Stop by any of our convenient locations, and discover the advantages of our check cashing services. We’re here to help you get the cash you need, right when you need it.

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