The Perks of Using a State-Licensed Financial Services Provider

March 19, 2021

There are a lot of reasons big and small for using a local, well-established financial services provider, but let’s start with the obvious: Folks are busy. They just want a place nearby to pick up their car stickers or cash a check ASAP.

You might be in and out so quickly that you overlook all the other perks and conveniences that places like South Suburban Currency Exchanges provide.

Small Stores, Big Variety with a Financial Services Provider

You can’t always tell from the storefront. Currency Exchanges are like a one-stop-shop that can address just about any recurring financial obligation you have, and then some others you forgot about. To give you an idea of our diverse offerings:

  • Western Union and MoneyGram wire transfers
  • Electronic utility bill payments
  • Ventra cards
  • Notary public service
  • Fax service
  • Photocopies
  • Postage stamps and stamped envelopes
  • Debit cards and gift cards


Pretty much anyone who works, studies, has bills, or runs a small business out of their home can find more than a few reasons to stop by.

Banking Alternative

One of the biggest perks of currency exchanges is that they’re open to everyone. Businesses like ours serve the millions of Americans who either don’t or can’t have a bank account. Their reasons could include:

  • Lack of government-issued ID required to open an account
  • Minimum balance fees
  • Lack of access via a nearby bank branch or mobile phone
  • Threat of overdraft fees


For many of our customers, using a regular bank just isn’t an option. Financial service providers fill in the many gaps for those of us who still have to pay utilities and meet other obligations. You can pop into any location on your lunch break to cash your paycheck. You’ll never have to look around for the right branch.


When was the last time you tried calling a bank? Chances are you had to first navigate a bunch of prompts before speaking with someone in another state. Or maybe you raced to the DMV in Joliet just to sit there waiting for your number to be called.

Navigating money issues and license renewal processes can be downright exhausting. We deal with all the fuss so you don’t have to. The variety in payment options also make your life simple. Use cash, exchange coins for cash, cash a check, use cards, or use our ATM.

Auto Needs

We further simplify your life by combining money and auto services. Our knowledgeable employees will make transferring your out-of-state car title and registration a breeze.

Plus, you save time and gas money by running your errands under the same roof. What else can we do?

  • Register your new car
  • Handle Illinois license services (plates, vehicle stickers, and renewals)
  • Serve owners of cars, trucks, trailers, RVs, and even snowmobiles
  • Provide auto insurance
  • License plate delivery for new autos and trucks
  • Expedite duplicate titles within 72 hours
  • Boat registrations and titles transfers
  • Snowmobile registration

Neighborhood Vibe

Many customers appreciate the local, small business vibe where all this stuff gets done. We have long-time employees who are not only familiar with the services, but also with the clients and neighborhoods. Our locations are conveniently located and easy to access, with a Richton Park location just off of I-57, two in Mokena and Park Forest, and another in fast-growing Frankfort.

Prepaid Debit Cards

Prepaid debit cards offer people a safe alternative to a bank debit card. You know what they won’t do? Encourage you to buy stuff you can’t afford. In other words, it’s a smart option for people who need plastic but might not feel completely safe owning a credit card.

Stop by to load your new prepaid debit card with any amount you need so that you can use it to make purchases. With a Green Dot prepaid debit card, you’ll have extra protection against identity theft and the ability to build credit at the same time.

Socially Conscious

Your business at state-licensed financial service providers will also support charitable causes in your own neighborhood. Our south suburban locations contribute to several charities that help local kids. One is the Back 2 School foundation, which provides over 200 children with school supply kits. Our support helps sponsor local baseball teams and promotes volunteerism at fundraisers. We also partner with Gift of Hope organ donations.

Because South Suburban Currency Exchanges serves local communities, it’s easy to get someone on the phone. Next time you come in to cash a check, ask about all the other perks of doing business here. Or, just give us a call at your nearest location and we’ll do our best to answer your questions.