Tips for Dealing with Unruly Customers at Work

August 19, 2022

Remember the toilet paper wars early in the pandemic? It seems that unruly behavior hasn’t completely gone away. The most infamous incidents seem to take place in the air. In 2021 there were nearly 6,000 unruly passenger reports on airplanes – many of them mask-related – leading to fines and other enforcement actions.

But let’s face it: bad behavior can happen anywhere, and it’s the workers doing their jobs that often have to deal with these problem clients and customers. You know the saying: the customer is always right. Well, that is not always the case.

Find Out How to Deal with Problem Customers Before an Incident Occurs

Dealing with angry customers is a given in some lines of work. Workers in public-facing positions must learn certain skills in order to deal with unruly clientele. They are often trained to deescalate the situation, remain calm, and continue talking with the person despite their responses or behavior. This tactic often resolves the issue. Not only can a calm voice and demeanor minimize the problem, but it helps calm other shoppers and coworkers so things don’t get out of hand.

Develop Some Ground Rules

It’s important to have ground rules for handling difficult personalities in any position that deals with the public. One major area in which employees learn skills for handling all types of people is in the customer service industry. There are millions of people working as customer service representatives who deal with hundreds of callers every week. It is inevitable that some of these callers will express frustration and even take out their displeasure on the customer service rep.

Being understanding and expressing sympathy is one way to handle the situation. According to one report, roughly a third of phone customers are most frustrated by having to wait on hold. Try letting them know more about the product or service in question. Eventually, you might suggest that they talk to a supervisor who has more authority to help them out.

Deescalate & Bring it to Your Manager’s Attention

If you’re the manager you probably know the drill. If not, your supervisor or manager may be the best person to take charge of a difficult situation. Here are three possible ways of speaking with difficult customers:

  1. The first is to speak with them politely — that is, to hear them out and treat the person with respect. They will usually calm down once they’re getting the attention they want.
  2. The second is to use the “tough love” approach. This approach requires managers to face their difficult customers squarely without sugarcoating their responses. Someone who is haggling because they refuse to accept your store prices might fall into this category.
  3. The third is to dismiss their complaint. Some store managers will let unruly customers know they can take their business somewhere else. This final method might make sense if the person is breaking store rules, bothering other customers, or otherwise causing problems.


Deescalation usually works. Better yet, most unhappy customers whose problems are resolved are willing to shop with a business again.

Still, there are times when you need to be tough. Asking someone to leave who shows no respect for others and may even become dangerous is sometimes the best option. Of course, in worst case scenarios law enforcement may be needed to deal with an individual who suffers from mental issues or is making employees feel unsafe.

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